Why should you save your data in the cloud

We understand how to host our data in the cloud, the massive data storage service on servers, provided by companies that host our computer data files in their processing centers. 

In summary, this means that there are companies that provide a service, which can be both free and paid, for the storage of our computer files on the Internet. One of the leading cloud storage and file-sharing leading sites is DaoFile.

Let us know the advantages of cloud storage:

The companies that offer these hosting services operate huge data processing centers. Users who need this type of service, contact the storage capacity they need. 

The operating companies of this service, virtualize the resources, the remote physical space, according to the client’s requirements. The clients are responsible for managing the storage and operation of both the data files and the proprietary computer applications, hosted in this remote hosting service.

Storage resources can be physically located anywhere on the planet that has good internet access, concentrated in a single server or distributed on multiple physical servers. At the end of the day, the cloud is still a physical and tangible space on one or more disks of one or more servers, the property of a company that provides data storage services.

This type of service is not only available today, but we have also had it for several decades and one of the first examples that have been with us for the longest time and surely without realizing it, is the use of web mail-type email accounts such as It is Hotmail. It is one of the oldest and totally in force in the present.

Currently, the use of the cloud has spread exponentially with the arrival of social networks, without going any further than imagining the amount of data of all Facebook users, more than 1,200 million, that are stored on their servers. 

Personal and company profile data, comments, statuses, videos and photos that are housed on server disks located in large data processing centers.

Why should you save your data in the cloud? 

Access from any geographic location to data and applications. It is only necessary to have a good internet connection to have all our data and applications stored in the cloud, regardless of the time, the place where we are and the type of device with which it is accessed.

– Free maintenance by the user: The company that provides the storage service is in charge of all preventive and corrective maintenance activities for both hardware and software.

– Updates to latest versions: The service provider company is responsible for updating computer applications, both utilities, and software to protect the integrity of the data.

– Cheaper shared applications: The use of applications by several users lowers its cost per user.

– Reduction of investment in user computer equipment: Due to the concentration of data and applications in the cloud, the technical requirements of the user’s device decrease both at the level of microprocessors and storage capacity.

– Scalable storage system: The storage space contracted in the cloud, is easily modifiable according to the increase or decrease of the client’s needs, without having to make major investments to foresee possible future solutions.

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