Why is cloud storage important to your content?

Do not risk losing the content that you have been preparing for your clients or for yourself for hours. It is not worth it when you have an alternative that saves you these dramas: cloud storage.

Even if you are backing up daily to hard drives, you need to upload your work to the cloud because all physical devices are at risk of deterioration, damage, loss, theft, etc.

And one of the benefits of the cloud is that you have software with which you can continue working. But let’s go by parts and start with the first.

What is cloud storage?

With this DaoFile Cloud Sharing concept, it allows us to save and manage data on the Internet from an unconnected device.

The types of files that can be stored in the cloud are of all types:

– Photographs

– Documents

– Email backups

– Confidential company data, such as ERPs

What are the features of cloud storage?

These large storage centers are subcontracted by companies or individuals, which means that they are managed by third parties. They are scalable, to be able to adapt to the particular needs of the company or individual at each moment of its evolution. Being in the cloud, on the Internet, they are accessible from anywhere, with just a username or password.

Many of the cloud providers like DaoFile.com have a free version and a paid version. 

Types of cloud storage:

Derived from the characteristics that we have just mentioned, we find 3 types of cloud storage:

1. Public cloud:

This option is usually free from cloud providers and is intended for those who do not have a budget.

2. Private cloud:

This option is not open to the general public and behind it is a stronger security system than the public one. It requires contracting and offers you greater control over your data.

3. Hybrid cloud:

It is a mixture of the previous two, making it more flexible and can be a good option if you do not require too much space.

Cloud storage solves these obstacles for you: How?

– Because you can hire as much space as you require.

– Because you free up space on your PC or on your servers.

– Because they have a better antivirus than the one you would have on your PC or in the company.

– Because you dedicate your PC memory to work faster for you.

What are the real benefits of cloud storage?

1. It is a very social system:

Although it seems a contradiction, being able to upload your content to DaoFile.com. For example, without having to have the person with whom you want to share it, it is very social.

2. It allows family reconciliation:

If you are a company, cloud storage allows you to eliminate the downtime of your employees, as well as the trips or wasted mornings with comings and goings of illness in the family.

If your work is focused on Blogging, Social Media or Digital Marketing and you work from home, having a space in the cloud becomes a necessity.

3. Improve the security of your documents:

A cloud storage provider has better security systems than yours and it also has more up-to-date insurance. 

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