What are the advantages of file sharing with DaoFile?

To facilitate collaboration between employees and teamwork, companies increasingly use more services to share files in the cloud, facilitating access to all kinds of files. Thus, improving collaboration and communication between workers.

These online services are displacing the traditional infrastructures for the use of file archives and VPNs. In this way, the costs associated with the maintenance and management of these infrastructures are reduced, thus generating cost savings and process agility.

Online file sharing advantages:

– Security with the realization and synchronization of backups

– Collaboration between users is facilitated

– The ability to be used by any type of device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.)

– Updates to the latest versions automatically

– The advantage of not having to register in the corporate VPN, thus saving a complex process of data synchronization (necessary in VPN)

– Reduction in investment spending on physical equipment

– Despite these benefits, file sharing in the cloud is a challenge for systems departments because they have to manage large amounts of data off-site, including data stored on smartphones or tablets.

Cloud models for online file sharing:

Like other cloud services, online file-sharing can be implemented using one of three cloud models: public, private, or hybrid.

Public cloud:

In a public cloud model, the provider offers resources and storage, being responsible for the service provided and bearing the entire cost of the hardware. 

Private cloud:

In this case, the cloud is offered and managed by the same provider, offering the advantages of the public cloud but with the ability to personalize (being its cloud), in addition to offering higher levels of security. Some manufacturers offer software licenses that can be installed at the customer’s premises.

Hybrid Cloud:

Finally, users can opt for a hybrid model that includes part of services installed in their private cloud and others in an external service in the cloud, sharing files between the two cloud.

The most widely used cloud model for file sharing is SaaS. The cloud applications most used to share files, in this order, are CRM solutions, email and online repositories, such as Dropbox.

We at DaoFile, are one of the leading service providers in the field of file sharing. With its premium account, you will be able to enjoy high-speed download that is incredible for those who are in a rush always. You can do it quickly and easily!

Within our service catalog, we offer our clients different solutions for file sharing:

SaaS solutions: Our professional web hosting and email plans, within the mail service, include a file storage service, similar to Dropbox, to share large files through public links or password protected.

MFT (Managed File Transfer) Solutions: Documents, an advanced tool for intelligent file sharing.

Collaboration software: DaoFile allows you to manage projects and work centrally regardless of whether you are in your office or another branch of your company.

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