The best cloud storage systems 2020

Some offer you more capacity and others have better connectivity between devices. Some give you more upload and download speeds to their servers and some of them even offer unlimited free cloud storage.

Either way, they all have a free cloud storage option and that’s why they’re on this list. Here we present the list of the best cloud storage systems 2020 – Let’s begin,


Attention to this first option, because it comes hitting very hard. DaoFile is one of the leading hosting and sharing of service providers. You can use it without paying anything and available at all times. Buy its premium account and enjoy its more features. You can use it from the computer, but also your mobile. Also, they offer excellent sharing options. You can download files quicker from its cloud storage.

2. Mediafire:

Another proposal that you may know because it has been on the Internet for a long time, is that of Mediafire. This solution offers you free cloud storage up to 50 GB, although you will have to share links and meet their conditions to reach that quota. It offers the possibility of uploading files of up to 25 GB. Also, there is no bandwidth limit.

It has a mobile application, which you can download on your smartphone and view your saved files from wherever you want.

3. Dropbox:

A classic among the classics, with a lot of fame but that, as you will see, may not be the most affordable option. They offer you 2 GB of free storage in your cloud, which you can expand up to 18 with more or less simple tasks.

It accepts all kinds of formats, being able to upload files of the size that you consider. Also, they offer excellent applications and data accessibility.

4. Flipdrive:

Another of the services that are not very popular is Flipdrive, but that could interest you thanks to the 10 GB of free cloud storage that it offers you. Using this hosting service, you can share files with anyone, whether they have an account on the service or not. The user interface is minimalist and simple. On the contrary, unlike some of the other programs, it can only be accessed via the web and does not have a mobile App.

5. Google Drive:

They offer Up to 15 GB for free, to which from time to time you can add some MB at no additional cost while completing a task.

Google Drive has incredible accessibility and synchronization. With the guarantee of Google’s servers, a giant on the Internet, as you already know. The size of the files you can upload is highly variable.

6. One Drive:

It is Microsoft’s cloud storage service, which usually comes pre-installed on the Windows device. It offers you only 5 GB free for your files although, by paying, you can expand them. Still, for your personal use, it could serve you perfectly. It has great accessibility and synchronization with your Microsoft account. It works perfectly with Microsoft programs.

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