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Saving information without taking up space on your computer’s hard drive is made possible by cloud storage. A concept that is also known as cloud computing, cloud services or cloud computing that allows access to documents through a network, which is generally the Internet.

With the DaoFile.com file-sharing site, users can manage this type of service without knowing, at least at an expert level. The most important thing will be to have a quality server team to guarantee the correct operation of corporate applications such as email or the effective management of the environment.

Undoubtedly, we are facing a very useful delivery model to take advantage of any type of business because it offers efficiency, immediacy, and availability of information at any time and from any fixed or mobile device located anywhere.


– Improve technological resources.

– Costs are reduced.

– Access to documents almost in real-time, without the need for long-lasting uploads.

– It allows you to share resources regardless of device and location.

– Its use is automatically optimized.

– Security is equal to or better than other conventional systems.

– It does not require installation or maintenance since each user accesses from different places.


– It integrates easily and quickly with the rest of the business applications.

– Services are provided globally by providing increased capacity, backups and minimizing downtime.

– It requires a minimum investment and infrastructure since it is only necessary to have a cloud platform and there is no software to install.

– It updates automatically.

– The chosen application is usually available to work in hours or days.

– It favors the efficient use of energy.

In the information age we live in, the digital space has become so important that we cannot conceive of a series of services without your participation. A good example is the existing platforms for sharing files online. DaoFile.com which is the leading cloud provider offers that, virtual and ethereal place in which all kinds of information can be stored, accompanies us wherever we go.

The advantages are multiple: From the ease of use to the ability to recover old copies, access from anywhere, the possibility of synchronization or the ease of collaborating between several people, everything seems positive.

The benefits in a professional environment are overwhelming: In addition to being able to have documents immediately and instantaneously. We must add the eco-friendly trends that are increasingly pervasive in companies that choose to consume less paper and reduce their number of documents. So, there is already a whole host of cloud collaboration tools for companies

The DaoFile is offering the best cloud storage facility. Sharing files, syncing devices, and increasing productivity were never so easy with DaoFile. In many cases for free. Not only the only tools but for us Yes of the most outstanding.

Share files in the cloud:

Using DaoFile.com, when sharing documents online, you will find free alternatives with which many will be satisfied. If you just want to share heavy files for free, DaoFile.com is excellent. 

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