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The best cloud storage systems 2020

Some offer you more capacity and others have better connectivity between devices. Some give you more upload and download speeds to their servers and some of them even offer unlimited free cloud storage. Either way, they all have a free cloud storage option and that’s why they’re on this list. Here we present the list […]

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Definition and advantages of Internet Cloud

The Internet cloud is a new model for the use of computer equipment. Transfer your files and programs to a set of servers that you can access through the Internet. It allows you to store your things on those servers. And open them, use them or use programs that are not on your computer, but […]

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Why is cloud storage important to your content?

Do not risk losing the content that you have been preparing for your clients or for yourself for hours. It is not worth it when you have an alternative that saves you these dramas: cloud storage. Even if you are backing up daily to hard drives, you need to upload your work to the cloud […]

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Web hosting: Definition and its Advantages

Web hosting is a service that is provided to users and companies, so that they can store and distribute images, video, information or any web content on the Internet, using information technology (IT) infrastructure external to the of the contracting party. Companies like DaoFile that offer this type of service are usually called hosting companies […]

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Why should you save your data in the cloud

We understand how to host our data in the cloud, the massive data storage service on servers, provided by companies that host our computer data files in their processing centers.  In summary, this means that there are companies that provide a service, which can be both free and paid, for the storage of our computer […]

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What are the advantages of file sharing with DaoFile?

To facilitate collaboration between employees and teamwork, companies increasingly use more services to share files in the cloud, facilitating access to all kinds of files. Thus, improving collaboration and communication between workers. These online services are displacing the traditional infrastructures for the use of file archives and VPNs. In this way, the costs associated with […]

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