Cloud technology is a reality and it is the way to the future. Services to send emails, edit files, access movies, store documents in the cloud and even urban mobility: everything is offered from digital platforms.

In this article are going to tell you what DaoFile.com is and how you can use it to share your files to your friends, acquaintances or clients. It is an increasingly popular application, and there are many companies are using it.

First of all, we will explain very briefly what exactly this site is and how it differs from other alternatives such as Dropbox when it comes to allowing you to send files. 

What is DaoFile.com?

DaoFile.com is a cloud-based application specially designed for file transfer. Over time, it has gained quite a reputation for being an easy, fast and effective way to send especially heavy files to one or more people via email.

Its main advantage over other similar services such as Dropbox is that DaoFile does not require you to create an account to use it. The person who is going to receive the file does not have to create an account either, so you can carry out the entire operation without having to bother or bother anyone with taking previous steps before receiving the files.

However, things can be easier if you will create an account on the site, that helps to make things much easier to manage, but it is all up to you.

Uploading files on DaoFile:

As we have just said, it is very easy to use and upload files using DaoFile you just need to visit its official site, click on Browse button and select the file you want to upload – That is very easy, simple, and quick!

However, despite not being mandatory this application also allows you to create personal accounts. In fact, in addition to its free version, it also has a Premium Account with which you can take advantage of advanced options. The first of them is to be able to download 31 GB in 3 days files instead of the 1 GB in 3 days.

How to upload files with DaoFile?

The first thing you have to do is enter the website of the service, DaoFile.com. Click on the Browse button and select the files you want to upload. And that is it! 

About Remote URL upload: 

Remote URL upload is nothing but it is basically where you upload files from any other sources online which is not your computer system. You just need copy and paste the URL

To transfer:

If you choose the option to create a link, you only have to fill in a personalized message for the recipient of the files, and if you choose the email option, you will have to enter your email and that of the person who will receive it. Once everything is completed and the file to share selected, just press the transfer button to proceed with the sending.

DaoFile Premium Account:

If you want to enjoy all the features of DaoFile, you need to sign up with Premium Account. Here we brief you, why should you get DaoFile Premium Account?

There is a long list of reasons why you should go with DaoFile Premium Account:

– You can enjoy high-speed downloads.

– No waiting time

– No ads

– Downloads in no time.

– Unlimited parallel downloads

– No captchas for verification

– One-click downloads

– Unlimited data storage

– Unlimited size of uploading files

Why use DaoFile.com?

Here we present you various advantages to use DaoFile.com:

1. You have more physical space:

When physical servers were the norm, the main problem arose when there was not enough space.

For example, if a company had hardware with 100 terabytes of storage when it reached the space limit, there were only two solutions: delete files which is a temporary solution or buy other hardware which is an expensive solution.

With the cloud, it is possible to contract more space if we reach the storage limit and expand it simply and immediately. In other words, storing documents in the cloud is perfectly adjustable to the needs of each company.

2. Share files with ease:

Managing files in the cloud are more practical and less complicated than on hardware. Companies that use paper waste a lot of time with repetitive work: printing, review, approval deadlines and authentication until the final version of a document.

Digital documents make processes more agile since all stages are carried out from a single online system. These documents can be electronically signed with security, integrity, and compliance.

3. You keep the history of the documents:

Here we see how the use of paper is cumbersome. Imagine looking for documents in a room full of cabinets, drawers, and folders. Well, this is the popular image of bureaucracy and process inefficiency.

Quite the contrary, companies that prefer the DaoFile.com cloud storage service are more efficient because they no longer need to make unnecessary investments in physical space and no time is wasted searching for documents: online search presents immediate results.

4. You have a safe space:

Security is an essential aspect of corporate documents. Unauthorized access to confidential or sensitive files and content not only generates financial losses but also damages the trust of customers in the company.

The good news is that the DaoFile.com is secure and offers multiple systems to ensure that documents are available and protected.

5. You have mobility:

This feature is very simple to identify since mobility is not a new concept and means that you can access your documents 24 hours a day through an Internet connection.

In a connected world, this is a great advantage because we can produce from the office, your home or anywhere else.

Also, you can view all the activities related to each document, facilitating information management. It is even possible to close new businesses outside the office, sending new commercial proposals or contracts to be signed by our clients, since any process is simpler with online approval through electronic signatures and elimination of paper.

In this way, storing documents in the cloud is essential for various types of businesses because it is instrumental in reducing costs, increasing the agility of routine operations and ensuring the protection of files. Use the DaoFile Premium account and enjoy all the features and benefits.

For more info check Daofile FAQ

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